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Dexcom G5 CGM review

3rd of July, I finally got my hands on a Dexcom G4/5 to try for the first time.

I have been so eager for this, finally taking the plunge and forking out the $255 for 4 x sensors t0 last me around 1 month. Instead of purchasing the additional required transmitter from Dexcom and spending another $250, I got in contact with Simon Lewis at Diabatteries Down under which turn old expired transmitters into re batteried versions that can be used time and time again with a simple battery change. This is a very cost effective method and I highly recommend to anybody wanting to try out a Dexcom CGM to get in contact with Simon via the Diabatteries Down under Facebook page.

The initial insertion process is fairly straight forward, following Dexcoms instructional videos on youtube is a must, especially for the first few sensor changes until you get the hang of it, you don't want to bugger up the insertion process and deem one of the four sensors unusable, that would be the same as throwing $62.50 down the drain.

Gone are the days of constant finger pricking, damaged finger tips and feeling embarrassed in public trying to draw a blood drop,

Dexcom is a game changer for me, being able to see what my BGL is every few moments on my phone while also giving me a trend arrow so I know whether my BGL is trending up, down or stable has changed my life, seeing a 4.0mmol/l trending up vs trending down vs stable would all have different reactions and methods of managing, especially prior to exercise, the trending arrow alone has made managing my Type 1 Diabetes a lot more of a pleasant experience. During exercise having the ability to just look at my phone lock screen and see my BGL has been such a relief, When i'm out cycling, its so much more pleasurable to be able to pull my phone out and witness the reading, where as prior to the Dexcom I would either have to pull over or continue to ride with no hands trying to prick my finger, draw blood and hope that I don't get an error in the reading or blood application.

In conclusion the Dexcom G5 has been nothing but a positive experience, For the cost of roughly $255 per month I will be making room in my budget to continue to use this device and reap the benefits of doing so.

If you are on the pirch about trialling a Dexcom CGM then I encourage you to spend the money, even if its every second month instead of every month, utilising this device will change your world and make managing Type 1 Diabetes much more easier.

Benjamin Massey Piece out

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