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Quit the job and follow your Heart!

The expression of my personal journey that you are about to read will delve into why working an unsatisfying job, chasing Money and a Materialistic lifestyle in my experience isn't the answer to living a fulfilling life and, well just being happy.

Reduce and sell the amount of "stuff" that you own, re assess all of your financial commitments, pay out any debt, live a minimalistic lifestyle, set yourself free of societies expectations and your own limiting beliefs. Move, cities, states, countries, be free.

A few days ago I handed in my resignation, and I tell you what, there is no better feeling than cutting ties with something that no longer serves you as a human. From the outside, it looked like I had it all, a six-figure secure income with a global company, work-life balance and a lot of material possessions that brought temporary pleasure.

Truth is, I felt numb and dissatisfied with my life, the longer I continued to be employed in that industry the more "stuff" I accumulated, the more depressed I became. Continually looking for the next best thing that would bring me momentary pleasure to fill a void that was never going to be filled by material items, only made deeper.

From childhood, it appears that your path is set, with no other acceptable path available to you. You are told go to school, get good grades, get into University or complete an Apprenticeship to get a good job and to have "made it" or to be successful in life. You are told you should do this or that by parents, peers and teachers, even if you really don't want to. so what do you do? Like me, you probably commence the journey to living an unsatisfied life, guided by the opinions of others. but there's a catch, you don't realise that you are leading yourself to an unsatisfying life until you have wasted years chasing a title or position so that you can say "I've made it". Its when you finally arrive at this glorified destination that you start to become aware of a subtle level of dissatisfaction like something is missing from your life. you feel that all you have achieved over that period of time is a status quo, to please other peoples expectations of you, and who you should be. For most people this is after a substantial accumulation of material possessions, and consumer debt. There is a moment when you start to realise how far down the "rabbit hole" you are. You purchased these items with money you don't have, from a job that doesn't fulfil you, to impress people you don't like, to portray an image of yourself that may well not actually be who you want to be.

And just like that, I found myself earning the most money I have ever earn't, and yet still experiencing a feeling that something was missing, joy, fulfilment, purpose and happiness. although externally, it would appear that everything was great.

What has now become apparent to me, is the subtle cues that I was receiving from deep inside my heart over the past 5 years, from working in an industry that didn't bring me any satisfaction what so ever, all it brought me was money, which I used to continually purchase materialistic items, whether it be more clothing, shoes, cars, equipment etc. items that brought me momentary pleasure, another hit of Dopamine, which soon faded until I made the next purchase, all ways on the pursuit of more, more, more. That kept me in a consumerism mindset. if I keep working this job that pays me well, I can continue to purchase materialistic items that bring me momentary pleasure, while completely ignoring the subtle calls from my heart that are telling me to get out, something is wrong, do something that brings your life joy, happiness, purpose and value. learn new skills, educate yourself in other avenues and industries that align. It may mean earning less, which is fine, especially because you won't have this constant urge to purchase materialistic items to fill the void of an unsatisfying life.

There is no better feeling than handing in your resignation to your boss, to pursue a life that aligns with your values.

Welcome to the journey of living a Minimalist lifestyle, and creating a life full of joy, fulfilment, purpose and happiness.

The moment you start to declutter your life and material possessions, it's like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders.

Clearing your debts and reducing your outgoings to as little as practicably possible brings along with it a feeling of freedom, freedom to do what you want, when you want, Not having to work a job day in day out, instead maybe a few times a week to cover your outgoings, which at this point hopefully are reasonably little.

With all this spare time available, you can begin to focus on more valuable tasks, start a new hobby, learn a new skill, spend more time on current hobbies, start a side hustle, focus on your health and well being, play more sport, spend more time with friends and family creating deeper more meaningful relationships. You can basically do whatever the bloody hell you want.

These are the simple things in life that bring me true happiness and joy on a daily basis, This is why I'm packing up my life in Perth WA to move across the country to Adelaide SA, because I can, and my heart is calling me there so that I can step into my true power and live the life that I deserve.

piece out 🤟

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